Dan Adams, Director

Come in anytime and talk to us! We love to discuss what training you've already had and your goals--whether they're to practice self defense, become a black belt or just enjoy the fitness training of Karate.

Glkenpo Karate About Us

We hold ourselves to a standard that's higher than anyone else in the industry. Put us to the test, and you'll see. FREE Welcome Class. 

The highest integrity

Our staff is a collection of talented, dedicated professional instructors and who combine a love of Kenpo with a desire to help others who want to achieve their highest potential. That passion shows in all we do! 

Our Mission

GL Kenpo promotes an environment where every student has an opportunity to develop defensive skills, discipline and integrity , as well as respect and self esteem by applying the principles of American Kenpo and adapting the knowledge to each person's physical capabilities and needs without compromise to the individual's character.

I was blown away by the dedication and commitment shown by everyone I came into contact with. They took the time to create a custom plan for me that would help me achieve my goals faster than I thought possible!

Professional Instructors!

It's always about you